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Plate Heat Exchanger BR-100

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Main Parameters of Plates

Single Chip Heat Transfer Area (㎡)1.031
Dimensions (mm)1810*665
Distance Between Plates (mm)4
Diameter of Corner Pore (mm)202
Circulation Area (㎡)0.00238
Flow FormUnilateral flow
Heat Transfer Coefficient (W/㎡K)3000-4500

Material of Plants          Material of Gaskets

  SUS304, 316L, 254SMO,                          NBR,  EPDM,  TP

  Hastelloy,  Commercially

  Pure Titanium

Main Parameters of Equipment

Single Biggest Assembly Area (㎡)300
Single Largest Capacity (t/h)600
Maximum Working Temperature (°C)180
Maximum Working Pressure(MPa)1
I.D. of Connection (mm)DN200
Single Biggest Weight(kg)3600

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Installation Dimensions

The Assembly Area(㎡)L(mm)
      50 970
      100 1320
      150 1670
      200 2020
      250 2370
      300 2720
Compact Size:Plant number * 4.9


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